Ciao Bella

your new favorite place is a hair salon in Marin county,


Debi Brennan

Debi's passion has always been hair, art and beauty. She put herself through cosmetology school in San Francisco, and worked as an apprentice to pay bills while studying. Since embarking on her career, she has built her reputation as a thorough, caring and contemporary master stylist. She stays current with evolving trends and techniques, regularly attending seminars and workshops. She is much loved by her long-standing clientele, yet manages to please all clients, from youthful and daring, to conservative and traditional.

In Ciao Bella, Debi sought an Italian influence in which to welcome her clients and create the best conditions for stylists and clients to communicate and have a delightful experience from the moment they enter, to when they leave wearing their new look.

Debi's work with colors and extensive experience have taught her that a natural, non-toxic, and well ventilated environment is critical to clients' and workers' longterm health. Only those treatments generally accepted as healthier and more natural, are on the menu here.